County Departments & Services (A-Z)

This page contains links to various Harris County offices, departments, and services.  If you have trouble finding the information you are looking for, try the navigation menu at the top of this page or visit our Harris County online directory page for access to departments, courts, and employees.
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Adults (and Children) Protective Services
Agriculture Extension (Texas AgriLIFE Extension Service – Harris County)
AIDS - Ryan White Planning Council
Animal Adoption
Appraisal District
Assumed Names
Auction (online)
Auditor's Office
Automobile Registration
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Bail Bond Board
Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership
Beer and Wine Permits
Bid Listings
Birth Certificates (born inside Houston)
Birth Certificates (born outside Houston) - click Search Database button
Budget Management
Building Management (County buildings)
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Cattle Brands
Central Technology Services
Child Support
Child Support Enforcement
Child Support Payment Information
Children (and Adults) Protective Services
Children's Assessment Center
Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
Civil Court
Civil Court Records
Civil Filing Fees
Civil Services Fees
Commissioner, Precinct 1 - Rodney Ellis
Commissioner, Precinct 2 - Jack Morman
Commissioner, Precinct 3 - Steve Radack
Commissioner, Precinct 4 - R. Jack Cagle
Commissioners Court Agenda
Commissioners Court Meeting Results
Community Centers - Commissioner Precinct 1
Community Centers - Commissioner Precinct 2
Community Centers - Commissioner Precinct 3
Community Centers - Commissioner Precinct 4
Community Supervision and Corrections Department
Community Services Department
Constable Precinct 1
Constable Precinct 2
Constable Precinct 3
Constable Precinct 4
Constable Precinct 5
Constable Precinct 6
Constable Precinct 7
Constable Precinct 8
Constables Map
Constables Fees
Construction Permits - County Engineer
Contract Patrol Program
County Attorney
County Auditor
County Clerk
County Courts
County Directory
County Engineer
County Holidays
County Judge - Ed Emmett
County Parks
County Treasurer
Court of Appeals - 1st
Court of Appeals - 14th
Criminal Court Docket Reports
Crime Victims
Criminal Court Records - Dial Up
Criminal Court Records - Internet
Criminal Courts
Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
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Death Certificates - click Search Database button
Delinquent Tax Property
Disease Control and Clinical Health Services
Dispute Resolution Center
District Attorney’s Office
District Clerk's Office
District Courts
Docket Reports - Criminal
Domestic Relations Office
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Economic Development
Election Information
Emergency Management
Employee Information
Employment Opportunities
Environmental Public Health
EZ Tags (Toll Road Authority)
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Facilities & Property Maintenance
Family and Youth Services
Family Courts
Family Filing Fees
Family Service Fees
Financial Management
Fire Marshal’s Office
Flood Control District
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Greater Houston Partnership
Greater Harris County 9-1-1
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Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD
Harris County - Houston Sports Authority
Harris County Appraisal District
Harris County Archives
Harris County Domestic Relations Office
Harris County Flood Control District
Harris County Historical Commission
Harris County Hospital District (Harris Health System)
Harris County Juvenile Probation Education Services
Harris County Law Library
Harris County Privacy Policy
Harris County Public Library
Harris County Toll Road Authority
Harris Health System
Health Education
Health Insurance Program for Children (CHIP)
HIV - Ryan White Planning Council
Holiday Schedule
Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Hospital District (Harris Health System)
Household Hazardous Waste
Housing Resource Center
Houston Arts Alliance
Houston - Galveston Area Council
Human Resources and Risk Management
Human Services
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Institute of Forensic Sciences (Medical Examiner)
Insurance Program for Children (CHIP)
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Jail - Booking and Release Report
Jail - Public Information
Job Opportunities
JP Courts Online Ticket Payment
Judge (County) - Ed Emmett
Juror Information
Jury Service Date Reset
Justice Information Management Systems (JIMS)
Justice of the Peace Courts
Juvenile Probation Department
Juvenile Probation Education Services
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Library - Law
Library - Public
Livestock Brands
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Marriage Licenses
Mediation - Dispute Resolution Center
Mediation - Domestic Relations Office
Medical Examiner (Institute of Forensic Sciences)
Mental Health Jail Diversion Program
Metropolitan Transit Authority
Mixed Beverage Applications
Mosquito Control
Motorist Assistance Program (MAP) - Sheriff's Office
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National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
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Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Office of Legislative Relations
Online Web Services
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Payment Information - Child Support
Permits - Alarm
Permits - County Engineer
Pet Adoption
Phone Directory
Pollution Control Services
Port of Houston Authority
Precinct 1 Commissioner - Rodney Ellis
Precinct 1 Constable
Precinct 2 Commissioner - Jack Morman
Precinct 2 Constable
Precinct 3 Commissioner - Steve Radack
Precinct 3 Constable
Precinct 4 Commissioner - R. Jack Cagle
Precinct 4 Constable
Precinct 5 Constable
Precinct 6 Constable
Precinct 7 Constable
Precinct 8 Constable
Pretrial Services Agency
Privacy Policy
Probate Courts
Property Information
Property Management (County buildings)
Protective Services For Children and Adults
Public Defender's Office
Public Health Services
Public Infrastructure
Public Information - Sheriff's Office
Public Library
Purchasing Agent
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Real Property Records
Real Time Traffic
Records Management
Rules of the Court
Ryan White Planning Council
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Sheriff's Civil Services
Sheriff's Office
Sheriff's Office - Alarm Detail System
Sheriff's Office Bookings and Releases Report
Sheriff's Office - Public Information
Small Claims Court (JP Court)
Social Services
Spatial Services Committee
Sports Authority - Harris County and Houston
Storm Water Quality
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Tax Assessor-Collector
Tax Liens
Texas AgriLIFE Extension Service – Harris County
Ticket Payment Online - JP Courts
Toll Road Authority
Traffic Counts - County Engineer
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Vehicle Registration
Veterans Services Office
Veterinary Health Services
Victim Information
Visitation Enforcement
Voter Registration
Voting Information
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Web Services (On-line)
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Youth and Family Services Division