Online Forms, Applications, and Database Searches

Online Forms & Database Searches
Alarm Permits
Instructions, Fees, Print Application
Assumed Names Inquiry System (DBA)
Search for Business Names (DBA) - Provided By: County Clerk
Search & Bid on Surplus and Confiscated Property - Provided by: Purchasing Dept.
Case Information and Court Record Search
Harris County District Courts and County Criminal Courts at Law - Provided by: District Clerk
Child Support Payment Information
Use your Harris County cause number to search payment history.
Crime Victim Information
Provides access to Crime Victim Information and Resources Provided by: Justice Information Management Systems (JIMS)
County Civil Court At Law Inquiry System
Provided by: County Clerk
County Civil Court At Law Public View
Provided by: County Clerk
Delinquent Property Tax Searches
Provided by: Tax Assessor-Collector
Dismissal of Traffic Tickets by Driver Safety Course
Defendants with eligible offenses may apply for a dismissal and pay the required court costs.
Provided by: District Clerk's Office
EZ TAG - Online Application
Provided by: Toll Road Authority
Informal Marriage License
Search database for informal marriages. Provided by: County Clerk
JP Courts Online Ticket Payments
Pay your Harris County ticket using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover or a valid checking account.
Jury Service Date Reset
Reset juror service, claim exemption or disqualification.
Library Services (Law)
Library Services (Public) - Find a Book
Library Services (Public) - Find a Kids' Book
Marriage License Inquiry System
Search database for marriages licenses.
Miscellaneous Personal Records Inquiry System
Provided by: County Clerk
Online Justice Reports - JIMS
Subscriber Access Criminal & Civil
Probate Court Inquiry System
Provided by: County Clerk
Probate Court Two Docket Inquiry
Property Tax Payment
Provided by: Tax Assessor-Collector
Public Health and Environmental Services Online
Dead Bird Reporting, Food Permits, Hurricane Evacuation 2-1-1 Special Needs Transportation Registry, Lead Hazard Reporting, License Pets, Neighborhood Nuisance Reporting, Foodborne Illness Reporting, Water Problem
Real Property Inquiry System
Provided by: County Clerk
Sheriff's Office
Jail Booking, Release Report & Arrest Report
Sheriff's Office
Public Information Inquiry
Tax Record Searches
Provided by: Tax Assessor-Collector
Uniform Commercial Code Inquiry System
Provided by: County Clerk
Vital Statistics Inquiry System
Provided by: County Clerk
Voter Registration Searches
Provided by: Tax Assessor-Collector
Downloadable Forms & Applications
Bail Bonding
Attorney Application, Corporate Application, Property Application - Provided by: Bail Bond Board
County Clerk - Downloadable Forms
Assumed Names, County Civil Court, Probate Court, Marriage License.
District Clerk - Downloadable Forms
Child Support, Criminal Bureau, etc...
Domestic Relations Office - Downloadable Forms
Mediation Forms
Court Services Forms
Child Support Forms
Child Access and Possession Establishment Forms
Community Supervision Forms
J.P. Court Legal Forms
Forms for traffic, criminal and civil cases in the Justice of the Peace Courts.
Opt-out form for Tax Database (PDF Form)
Request to Remove Personal Information from the Harris County Tax Office Website.
Tax Assessor-Collector - Downloadable Forms
Vehicle Registration, Property Tax, and other forms
County Information
County Archives
Harris County Government History